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One of the winners in the prestigous RHS Sensory Pocket Garden Design competition

Hampton Court Palace Flower Festival 2023

The Wilton London Botanical Fragrance Garden

Celebrating the joy that nature can bring to everyday household chores, this planting area is inspired by the botanical ingredients and essential oils used in the sponsor's eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fragrant jasmine, lavender, eucalyptus, pine and scented geraniums are the stars of the border here. As well as their olfactory offerings, they combine to create a calming visual palette of soft pastels, accented by deep crimson alliums and cosmos, and evergreen dwarf pines. Two chairs made from recycled plastic bottles provide a space to sit and enjoy the view over a bushy eucalyptus tree and a gently overflowing circular copper water feature, reminiscent of a washing-up bowl. More laundry-inspired symbolism appears in the forms of a weathered steel sculpture based on the shape of a rotary washing line, and a pair of modern dolly wash tubs spilling over with lavender.

Botanical Stars of the Show 

Wilton London uses essential oils and naturally derived ingredients, many sourced from the UK, including jasmine, lavender, eucalyptus, cedarwood, pines, scented geranium and many other beautifully fragranced plants that are featured in this garden design. 

Plant List


Eucalyptus gunnii 'Azure'

Pinus mugo 'Mops'

Pinus nigra 'Helga'

Pinus strobus 'Niagra Falls'


Allium  sphaerocephalon


Achillea ‘Terracotta’

Achillea ‘Walther Funcke’

Agastache ‘Black Adder’

Agastache 'Blue Fortune'

Artemisia arborescens 'Powis Castle'

Astrantia major 'Roma' (PBR)

Cosmos atrosanguineus

Echinops vitro ‘Veitch’s Blue’

Erigeron karvinskianus

Geranium 'Nimbus'

Geranium 'Rozanne'

Geranium sanguineum

Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'

Lysimachia 'Snow Candles'

Monarda Beauty of Cobham

Monarda 'Croftway Pink'

Nepeta x faassenii 'Junior Walker'

Oenothera speciosa 'Siskiyou'

Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses'

Pelargonium 'Concolour Lace'

Penstemon 'Purple Passion'

Phlomis tuberosa 'Amazone'

Plox paniculata 'David'

Stachys Byzantina

Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna'

Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Pink glow’


Origanum margeritha

Origanum vulgare ‘Aureum’

Thymus serpyllum

Thymus serpyllum 'Pink Chintz'


Trachelospermum jasminoides


Made from 100% recycled materials that in turn are 100% recyclable, these Smile Plastics x ACAD chairs were originally created for Paris Design Week 2021, reimagined for the Harewood Biennial 2022, on display at London Design Biennale 2023 before showcasing at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Festival in The Wilton London Botanical Fragrance Garden. Many thanks to Smile Plastics for the loan of these beautifully designed chairs.


The stunning copper bowl water feature, pump and reservoir are kindly loaned by LandscapePlus and Oase UK.

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